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P8DNS is a cloud based web filter service which enables you to prevent connectivity to malicious and unwanted websites for any device making use of your home's internet connection.
P8DNS filters your homes DNS queries and either allows or prevents connectivity to the requested website. If you are unsure of what DNS is or does, please see the FAQ below.

All websites live somewhere in the world. Where they live is defined by a network address, also known as an IP address. Like a telephone book maps a name to a number, DNS is one gigantic phone book which works seamlessly in the background to find the network address of the website you are trying to access.

E.g. You type www.p8dns.io in your web browser. Your configured DNS server then finds the Internet address (x.x.x.x) for you and tells your PC what the address is. Your PC now knows where in the world this website lives and so your PC finds it's way to this address.
P8DNS gives you all the power you need to easily manage the sites that your home's internet connection can access. We made this pretty simple by partnering with the best in the world and categorising all the websites for you. So if you want to block a specific category of websites you just select the relevant category and you are done. With over + 500 million websites categorised and each category updated continuously, we pretty much have you covered.
Yup it happens, there is that one website out there that you always want to have access to! No worries, you can create your own custom list of websites you never want to block access too and we will ensure you can always get there.
Your connectivity provider routinely changes your home's internet connectivity IP address. There are various reasons for this but what is important to know is that we need to know what your home's new internet connection address is. We need to know your home's connected address so that we can continuously protect your connection according to your filter settings. To accomplish this we made it easy and bullet proof by partnering with the best in the world at providing this type of service, namely DynDNS. So all you have to do is setup your router according to the details we provide and you are good to go!
If your router has a 'Not Supported' tag it means the router configuration does not allow for the configuration of alternate DNS servers and you therefore cannot configure your router to make use of the P8DNS servers. Some service providers do this this to block you from using an alternate DNS service. Naughty! To resolve, install one of the supported routers so long as the router supports your connectivity type. I.e Check with your ISP before changing routers.
Yup, along with filtering your home's internet connectivity we also provide you with a dynamic hostname so you can always connect to your home remotely. The good news is that this option is all inclusive in the monthly cost of the service. It's a great value add so to speak. So if you have a remote CCTV system or some other in home service you need to connect to remotely then with P8DNS you have the ability to do so.
Well besides access to the website being blocked we report the actual event via email. This setting is customisable to suit your needs. In so doing these alerts give you the ability to deal with issues as and when they occur. E.g in realtime, Hey Jonny... what are you looking at on the internet!
Oh yes we do! Just log into the P8DNS Console and you have a live view of domains being accessed as well as daily reports on usage. It's quite surprising and informative to see what is being accessed from your home's internet connection. Trust us when we say we where quite surprised to see how active home connectivity has become.
Good question. Our filtering brand name is Percol8 which in relative terms means to 'Filter". LOL no, we do not make coffee, although we do drink allot of it! Anyway digressing, P8DNS therefore means to 'Filter DNS'. We thought it was smart, hope it makes sense!

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